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We are a group of advisers on Migration and International Education founded in Melbourne and with offices in Melbourne, Adelaide, and Bogota (Colombia). Our mission is to provide the necessary tools so that our clients can realize their dreams in Australia, be it studying, working temporarily, or living permanently.


Our mission is to simplify migration information and make it accessible to as many people as possible so they can make informed decisions and achieve their goals in Australia

our vision

To be Australia’s best migration and education agency, providing high quality and customer service standards.


Carolina Prada
  • Carolina is from Bogotá, but she has a Boyacense heart. She graduated in Humanities and Languages from the Universidad Libre de Colombia and has a Master’s in English Didactics.
  • Carolina was a teacher for over 14 years and was passionate about this beautiful profession.
  • She decided to leap into the migration industry as every day is a new opportunity to learn, innovate, and reinvent herself as a professional.
  • Limitless dreamer, smiling, outgoing, and proud to have two beautiful children, Samuel and Salome.
  • Carolina is also an inveterate traveller. In 2024, she travelled to Australia to visit her sister Viviana and live this wonderful experience.
Daniela Aguirre
  • Daniela is a business management technologist and a business administrator from the Universidad Autónoma de Manizales. She has around 10 years of work experience in the commercial and customer service areas. Throughout her professional career, she always had the idea of learning English in mind. In 2018, she decided to travel to Australia to fulfill her dreams and goals, and she believes that this time has turned her into a completely different person. She is a firm believer that this experience of living abroad is something everyone should experience at some point in their lives.
  • She has a very extroverted personality, loves to laugh, talk, make friends, and is generally a very cheerful person.
  • She is passionate about fashion and is the personal shopper & stylist for her sisters and friends.
Maria Caceres
  • Maria is from Bogotá and is in the sixth semester of Interior Design at the Corporación Escuela de Artes y Letras. She is passionate about architecture and art.
  • In 2019, she decided to postpone her studies to venture out and study English in Australia, where she lived for almost two years in Melbourne. There, she worked in customer service, mainly in the hospitality industry, which allowed her to acquire new skills, perfect the language, and interact with the culture.
  • Maria is passionate about adventure. She loves to travel and experience new cultures. In her free time, she enjoys reading a good book and spending time with her family.
Natalia Monsalve

· Business administrator from The Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca University and specialist in Project Management from
The National University of Colombia.
· Nata brings more than 8 years of experience in customer service after spending several years in solidarity and educational entities.
· A dynamic and active woman, she loves going on ecological walks around Bogotá and all over Colombia.
· She likes to share with her family a lot and she hopes to meet her sister Tatiana, who has lived in Melbourne for more than 3 years, soon.

Faber Valencia

· 100% Rolo, but proud of my Tolima-Caldenses roots, graduated from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Bogota as a technologist in imports and exports, with 12 years of experience in the field of international trade where I went through companies of renown as QUALA S.A. where I left in May 2018 to fulfill the Australian dream, a dream that I would like many to live.

· In Australia I lived in Melbourne and Newcastle where I learned that life must have a balance between living it, the desire to make money, and learning that being away from home entails.

· I like to meet people and surround myself well, just as my mother used to say “Get together with people better than you so that life goes well for you” and that advice has brought me here, where I am today, doing the things of the best possible way with the right people.

· Other hobbies: playing foosball, eating healthy, exercising a bit, and petting dogs on the street.

Cristian Orozco

· He was born in the beautiful town of Sonson Antioquia and is more paisa than arepa, he is a pharmacist from the Antioquia University and a business administrator from the Autonomous University of the Americas of Medellin, in the professional field he has worked in various sectors such as health, real estate and agrarian.

· He is passionate about business, brands, agriculture and entrepreneurship, he is the son of a family of farmers, and he enjoys and misses being in the Colombian countryside.

· In his free time he likes to learn about social networks, listen to podcasts, and sing vallenato. He likes to help people and his favorite restaurant is DonDon. As a curious fact, he considers himself a cheese arepa taster.

Stefanía Rodriguez

· Bogota from the root to the tip of the hair. He studied Business Administration at the Minuto de Dios University Corporation in Bogota. Steffi has spent her career in the Public Relations sector and her work experience as an administrator has always been focused on areas of data analysis.

· She has keen artistic skills and is currently searching for the voice of her own personal project called Melina, focused on sparkling handmade (sequin) crafts. She loves nu-metal, grunge and core-metal and she is sensitive to what fine art produces. She deeply enjoys reading and occasionally writes poems.

· Most of her time is dedicated to educating and enjoying her two daughters: Gaby and AnaLu. She also gives love to the family pet, a kitten named Mia.

· She loves specialty coffee, and letters, and she is in love with God.

Maria Rojas

· Originally from the warm and welcoming Barranquilla, she studied Business Administration at the Universidad del Atlantico and Project Management in Melbourne, where she lived for 3 years.

· She loves music, art and enjoying Australia’s natural beauty, so outside the office she often visits museums, attends music events and festivals and explores the diverse natural landscapes of charming Adelaide.

· She is a very calm, friendly and helpful person.

Angela Timon
  • Bogota with a heart from Tolima, Public Accountant with more than 10 years of experience.
  • Lover of travel and good food; always ready for new challenges and changes that the world offers.
  • She lived in Australia from 2018 to 2020, where she brought out her warrior spirit to overcome the different cultural changes, which made her fall in love with this beautiful country and always have a motivation to want to return.
  • In her spare time she loves to swim; Among her virtues, she highlights listening, understanding and giving a word of encouragement when needed.
Jerson Herrera
  • Systems Engineer graduated from the University Foundation of the Andean Area of Bogotá, with a passion for technology and teaching.
  • For 8 years, he had the privilege of being an Instructor in the company most loved by Colombians, Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje SENA, where he shared his knowledge and helped others understand complex concepts in a clear and accessible way.
  • In 2019 and for almost 4 years, he had the privilege of calling Melbourne, Australia home. During his time there, absorbing the city’s rich culture and vibrant atmosphere, he grew both personally and professionally.
  • His time in Melbourne not only enriched him with new perspectives, but also strengthened his ability to adapt to different environments and challenges.
Sergio Romero

· Business Administrator from Universidad el Bosque, HSEQ Internal Auditor and lover of gastronomy.

· He has always worked in administrative positions in logistics and negotiations in the acquisition of goods and services. Until he got into the madness and adventure called Australia, one of the best decisions he ever made in his life. He was enriched intellectually, culturally and professionally.

· He loves fish and chips, but he hates Veggie Mate… maybe this is why he is not AUSSIE, but he is convinced that this experience transforms people’s lives.

· Now that he is back in his country, he takes on this challenge to help people have the same enriching experience that he had and to fulfill his dream as he did.

Jenny Martin
  • Proudly from Bogota, Professional in Finance and International Business from Unipanamericana, with more than 10 years of experience in Imports and exports.
  • I characterize myself as a patient and kind person.
  • I love sports, mainly volleyball and soccer.
  • Lover of knowing all the magical and hidden towns that Colombia has, making all his trips on a motorcycle, and in the future making international trips on it.
Angie Valbuena

· Proudly from Bogota. She is a Commercial Engineer from the Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas y Ambientales U.D.C.A. She has 4 years of experience in the B2B commercial area, dedicated to offering identification solutions.
· She lived for a year in the state of Oregon, USA, studying English, getting to know American culture, making good friends, and traveling around.
· She returned to Colombia with more desire than ever to continue growing, learning and advancing in her professional career at Gamba Migration.
· She likes walks with extraordinary landscapes, dancing and tres leches desserts.

Laura Villamil
  • From Bogota with a lot of love for my city and all those magical places that exist in it.
  • Tourism and hotel administrator graduated from the ‘Corporación Unificada Nacional de Educación Superior’, with 10 years of experience in the administrative area, customer service, and inventory management, grateful for each process that ended up leading her to Gamba Colombia, from her experience working at the airport until it passes through the hotel.
  • She enjoys extreme tourism trips, visiting museums and the beans that her mother prepares, and is passionate about writing and taekwondo.
Claudia Corona
  • Originally from the State of Mexico and the first Mexican in Gamba Migration, Accountant by the National Polytechnic Institute with more than 7 years of experience.
    · She has worked in the accounting sector and in Financial Administration in Public Private Partnership schemes.
  • Claudia performs her work within the accounting and financial area in the team, firmly believing that good planning and business strategy are key factors for the financial success of the company.
  • Her favorite food as a good Mexican is tacos and visits to museums, galleries and bookstores in Melbourne will always be her perfect plan.
Cristian Castillo
  • Proudly from Bogotá with ‘Opitas’ roots (Huila and Ibague), Public Accountant graduated from the Central University of Colombia and studied at SARLAFT.
  • He has worked in the accounting area since he was 16 years old, when he graduated from SENA at a technical level.
  • He has developed in Australia in the “Hospitality” sector for 3 years and has studied “Commercial Cookery” for two years.
  • He is a lover of movies and good food, his favorite food is Japanese and of course Colombian food.
Andrea Sanchez
  • Andrea was born in Bogotá where she has deep family roots. Her favorite football club is Santa Fe.
  • She spent most of her life in Bogotá and then went for a brief period to the USA. Now we have the privilege to have her here in Australia where she’s dedicated to helping other migrants and international students get their PR.
  • A true Rola, she studied industrial engineering at Minuto de Dios University. Up to this point, her career has focused mainly on data science, where she’s developed a keen interest in project methodologies and development.
  • When out of the office she’d probably be on a casual bike ride, visiting a new restaurant or enjoying an afternoon with her friends at one of the many parks and landmarks outside the Melbourne metro area.
  • If you see her around, don’t be afraid to say hi, she’s very friendly just like true Bogotá folks are!
Viviana Prada
  • Proudly Bogotanian. Lawyer from the Universidad Libre and Master in Computer Systems from Torrens University Australia.
  • Vivi practiced law in Colombia for several years in the field of human rights before migrating to Australia.
  • When she’s not at the office, you can find her walking her cute Siberian dog ‘Apollo’ around Glenelg and eating a nice ‘Adeladian’ brunch at Henley Beach.
Juanita Barragan
  • Proudly Pereirana, but profoundly grateful to Bogota and the ‘Rolos’ for giving her the wings to fly to the other side of the world, Australia. She is a calm and affectionate woman, yet possesses the determination characteristic of a good lawyer.
  • Her alma mater was the Externado University of Colombia in Bogota, from where she had the privilege of working at the Constitutional Court of Colombia. It was there that her sense of humanity deepened, and where her love for serving people was reaffirmed.
  • Australia has been the best experience of her life, and sharing her personal growth in multiple aspects is one of her great passions. Empowering people to find in Australia ‘the country where all dreams come true’ is more than an honor.
  • She deeply believes that studying law and working as a lawyer allowed her to acquire outstanding qualities, with which she can offer her full support from the migration department at Gamba Migration.
Ximena Camargo
  • Ximena is a Cajiqueña very proud to belong to one of the most beautiful towns in the Sabana Norte. She is an industrial engineer from the University of La Sabana, she has more than 6 years of experience in the administrative area and is currently happy to belong to this great company.
  • She loves to travel and discover new places, she is a lover of wine and good novels.
  • In her spare time, she loves to go for walks and enjoy nature a lot.
Viviana Cely
  • Industrial Engineer from Universidad Minuto de Dios, Rola-Santandereana, born in Barbosa and raised in Bogota.
    • In her professional career, she worked in the financial, aeronautical, and telecommunications sectors. Now she is happy to belong to the Gamba family.
  • She traveled to Melbourne in May 2018 to study English, but her love and fascination for this city allowed her to do other studies in Project Management and Leadership and Management.
  • Lover of art and travel, she traveled much of the Australian roads visiting small towns and cities such as Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Cairns, venturing to discover and write her story in each place she visited.
  • She returned to Colombia in September 2021 to reunite with her family but she wants to return to Australia to continue her studies and continue traveling and discover new destinations.
Marcela Parada
  • Business Administrator with a diploma in Digital Marketing from the Andean Area University Foundation, with 10 years of experience in customer service and in the administrative area.
  • Proudly rolls with boyacense raises.
  •  Among her hobbies, she likes to experiment in different restaurants, her favorite being those that offer hamburgers. She also likes to do sports, such as ecological walks, running and the gym.
  • Marce, she is a family person, very sociable and charismatic.
Daniel Vanegas
  • Lawyer from the Universidad de los Andes and Specialist in Commercial Law from the Universidad Javeriana of Bogotá.
  • Daniel has 6 years of professional experience in Commercial and Corporate Law, holding positions in a law firm, a retail company and a company that is part of the supply chain and supply of chemical products.
  • Daniel is passionate about music and cinema, he likes to meet new places and people. He enjoys helping others, which is why he is excited to assist other people in fulfilling their migration dreams.
Lorena Rodriguez
  • Proudly Rola, I study Business Administration and Environmental Management at the FUM in Bogota. Lore practiced her career in different economic sectors and her work experience as an administrator has always been focused on customer service areas.
  • She came to Australia 5 years ago and since then she has been working in the education industry conducting visa processes for international students.
  • When Lore is not in the office, she can be found discovering the landscapes of Melbourne and her surroundings with her friends and enjoying Latin food. He loves it!
Luisa Becerra
  • A worthy representative of Santandereana, Luisa was born in the land of Colombian sandwiches and folklore.
  • This Velena is an Industrial Designer from the Industrial University of Santander, with a particular taste for research Luisa worked in the field of product development for several years in Bogotá, now we are fortunate to have her in our team where she shares her great experience and charisma.
  • When Luisa is not in the office you may find her in a park reading a book or you will find her on the street distracted while she is listening to a podcast or maybe she is planning a new place to go camping with her friends, nature is her thing.
Diana Medina
  • Worthy representative of the Musical City of Colombia, Ibagué (Tolima).
  • Professional in International Business from the University of Ibagué, Diana has a long history working in financial institutions and for 2 years she has been dedicated to supporting international students to fulfill her dreams in Australia.
  • When Dianita is not at her office you can find her on the beach or cycling the River Torrens Linear Park Trail in Adelaide.
  •  A very social person with a particular taste for Italian and Peruvian food, Diana is also measured at snorkeling and making hers own healthy breads at home (you know, the ones that are fit).
Daniela Ramos
  • From Bogota by birth but ‘Manizaleña’ by heart, Publicist graduated from the Catholic University of Manizales with a Specialization in Branding and Strategic Communication with extensive experience in marketing and customer service, she is a lover of animals, especially dachshunds, which are her weakness.
  • She arrived in Australia 3 years ago and lives in love with her landscapes and her culture, if you don’t see her in her office you will find her exercising or visiting new places.
Daniela Molina
  • Business Administrator, graduated from Australian Catholic University, in Melbourne. She came to Australia at the age of 17. Living in Australia has been the best experience of her life, she has worked doing a little of everything, but her experience in Hospitality and customer service is her strength. She has always been very responsible at work and willing to help others and work as a team to meet goals.
  • She likes discovering new places, camping, hiking, nature and seeing how the trees change in each season of the year. She loves summer, and even more so with a cold beer on a rooftop.
  • She has a German Pointer dog “Brownie” and her favorite plan is to go to the beach with her since she loves the sea.
  • She is a very humane person, she is always willing to give the best of herself and as a good queen, she wants world peace with equal conditions for all.
Federico Chaves
  • Filmmaker and Photographer from the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano of Bogota. He was born in Bogotá and is a lover of Daft Punk and analog photography.
  • His path within the audiovisual industry has been traversed by the visual identity of brands and large companies, storytelling, and his love for cinema and photography.
  • Fede designs, produces, and publishes audiovisual pieces within Gamba Migration.
  • Fun fact: his favorite writer is Haruki Murakami. He loves to learn new things all the time, so if you ask him for a tutorial, he will always tell you about a different one.
Alejandra Gómez
  • Business administrator from the Universidad Surcolombiana with over 8 years of experience in the commercial and customer service areas. Born in Huila and with a heart set in Bogotá for the past 16 months since moving there to seek new experiences. Bogotá has been a significant part of her personal and professional growth and the path to achieving her dreams.
  • She’s an enthusiast of cycling, swimming, and running, considering sports as pillars of harmony and discipline. In her free time, she greatly enjoys practising these activities. She’s characterized by her constant smile and her determination to find solutions to any circumstances that require it.
Erika Beltran
  • Meet Erika, a vibrant soul hailing from city of Bogota, with  beautiful sunsets and cold nights.
  • Armed with a degree in International Relations from Universidad Autonoma de Colombia, Erika brings over a decade of expertise in customer service within the logistics realm.
  • Erika’s heart belongs to Colombia’s untamed landscapes, where she finds joy and renewal on every adventure.
  • Erika is passionate about literature, especially novels, and adorns herself with the unique charm of handmade earrings.
Linh Duong
  • Linh is originally from Vietnam. He grew up in Hanoi, the country’s capital. He has been in Melbourne for university since 2019, and Australia has become his second home since then. Linh is bringing a bit of his culture to our team.
  • Linh studied and graduated in Accounting from Swinburne University of Technology. He has experience preparing individual tax returns, company tax returns, SMSF, and some administrative duties. He is part of our accounting team now, and he is proud to start performing his best in his role at Gamba.
  • Linh spends his spare time working out a lot. He loves weight lifting and running, and he has been doing weight lifting consistently for more than 3 years. He also likes to hang out with friends and have a good laugh with by couple of schooners. 
Jorge Gamba
  • Originally from Guática (Risaralda), he studied literature and law at the University of Sydney.
  • He worked in business law and insurance before entering the world of migration in 2017.
  • Jorge’s goal is that all those who want to make Australia their home can make the right decisions before making the investment.
  • He participated in the Australian version of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ but unfortunately got burned in the first question. Better luck next time.
  • When Jorge is not in the office, he is probably thinking of going back to the office.
Daniel Escobar
  • Undeniable from Bogotá, he studied systems engineering at the Universidad Católica.
  • Known by those who know him as ‘Don Dani’ and ‘El Patron’, Dani brings more than 5 years of experience in computer systems in Davivienda.
  • The guru of our automation processes and the database, Don Dani is the head of the details.
  • When he’s not in the office, you can find him hanging out at the Fitzroy cafes, trying some craft beer or listening to Arctic Monkeys.
Luisa Lopez
  • Coming from the beautiful and beloved Pereira.
  • Business Administrator graduated from the Fundacion Universitaria del Area Andina de Pereira. In Colombia, she worked in the permanent betting sector of the Risaralda department and in companies focused on custom software development and project management, with a focus on continuous process improvement and risk analysis.
  • Lover of nature, enjoys exercising and hiking, enamored with the traditional music of her region such as “pasillo arriao” and “parranda” from the coffee axis, former Colombian folklore dancer, lover of horror movies and novels, “cholao,” empanadas, and chocolate with cheese.
  • She is a calm and helpful person.
Diego Cortés
  • Coming from the city of Bogotá, Diego is a graduate of the Politécnico Grancolombiano University with a degree in Marketing and Advertising and has a great professional trajectory in the field.
  • In 2022, Diego travelled with his wife to experience life in Australia, and they lived in Melbourne for a year. He is now more than happy to share his experiences and help more people live their Australian dream.
  • Diego enjoys playing soccer and practising swimming, and he is an amateur photographer.
Mónica Rincón
  • Coming from the city of Bogotá. Monica is an economist from Universidad Piloto with seven years of experience in the financial sector at Banco de Occidente, learning and growing in the world of finance.
  • In 2020, she decided to embark on an adventure and travel to Australia, specifically to Melbourne. Her favourite parts of this city were the streets filled with street art and the culinary delights from all over the world in the local markets.
  • In Australia, Monica travelled to Tasmania, Sydney, Gold Coast, and Brisbane, and she was delighted by the natural landscapes of Tasmania and the golden beaches of the Gold Coast.
  • When Monica is not working or exploring new corners of the world, she loves spending time outdoors or simply relaxing with a good coffee. She also greatly enjoys sharing moments with friends and family.
Marisol Crespo
  • Originally from Buenos Aires, Marisol is a dual-qualified lawyer in Australia and Argentina with over eight years of international experience representing clients in international sports disputes before FIFA and the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Switzerland
  • She first graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2007 and, upon migrating to Australia, she converted her qualifications at Victoria University.
  • Following her admission to the Supreme Court of Victoria, Marisol further expanded her practice and represented clients in Family Law matters before both the Magistrate and Federal Circuit Courts of Australia.
  • Marisol is passionate about helping others achieve their dream of living in Australia. In her free time, Marisol enjoys playing tennis, watching movies, and spending time with her family.
Heider Peña
  • Born in Arauca, Colombia. Industrial Engineer graduated from Universidad Nacional de Colombia, with experience in Risk Management.
  • He loves music, movies and hiking in the spectacular Colombian mountains (hopefully soon in other parts of the world). Occasionally he plays the guitar and sometimes he goes to concerts when he is not watching a movie, documentary or TV series.
  • He enjoys the company of his family and close friends with whom he could spend hours talking about any topic.
Valentina Gaitan
  • Valentina is proudly from Santander, Colombia. She has been in Australia for a year and a half now, and it has been one of the best experiences of her life.
  • Valentina studied International Business at Universidad Santo Tomás in Tunja, having a lot of experiences and focus on start-ups.
  • She adore traveling, reading, immersing herself in different cultures, meeting new people, and, above all, she is discovering beautiful places and cozy cafes in Melbourne.
  • She has a deep love for coffee, Mexican food, and the beach.

value propositions

We put our clients first and walk with them as far as necessary to fulfill their purposes in Australia.

Our advice points you to the most efficient and quick way to obtain residency and not to entangle them in course after course.

Our costs are competitive and never disproportionate to the complexity or simplicity of the case.

Our alliances are with serious, competitive, and committed institutes to provide value to the student because we know that the investment that many make to come to Australia is considerable.

Our advice is sincere, realistic, and adapted to the individual circumstances of each person.

Our clients have the support of a migration agent registered with the MARA (No. 1805594) in case there are problems on the way to the residence.

Zharick Mendoza
Zharick Mendoza
Excelente la atención y el apoyo recibido de Jerson durante mi proceso de extensión. Contestó todas las dudas que me surgieron, aportó muchas recomendaciones con base a su experiencia, y me orientó sobre la mejor forma de realizar mi aplicación. ¡Mil gracias por todo tu apoyo, Jerson!
Conlápiz agencia
Conlápiz agencia
Gracias a Gamba y en especial a nuestro asesor Daniel Vanegas, quien fue bastante diligente desde el principio, logramos nuestro skill assessment en tiempo record. Definitivamente fue una muy buena decision confiar este proceso en ellos. Mil gracias.
luisa fernanda barco londoño
luisa fernanda barco londoño
Fueron de gran ayuda para nuestro proceso, haciendo todo el proceso más claro. Jerson fue muy atento y resolvía nuestras dudas a tiempo. Muchas gracias !!
The group of gamba and special jerson and Diana , they professional person and really good asesor , they help us a lot with our applications and they put a lot of effort to make get it successful . Thanks for ur help guys
Muchas gracias al equipo de Gamba, por estar presente en mi proceso para la homologación de mi programa en Australia, y hacer este sueño realidad. Por su disciplina paso a paso, para que las aplicaciones sean exitosas.
Cristian Camilo Castillo Coronado
Cristian Camilo Castillo Coronado
Gracias por mi visa post Graduate, fue muy bueno el servicio
Han sido super atentos con respecto a mi proceso de extension de visa de estudiante. Quiero agradecer a Jerson por la enorme paciencia que ha tenido en este proceso, siempre tratando de solventar mis dudas e inquietudes. Me encuentro agradecida y conforme con el trabajo profesional de esta empresa.
La que mi experiencia fue super! Hicieron que el proceso sea facil, y me dieron la seguridad con los tramites que me ayudaron a hacer. Tanto como con Diana para mi primera visa de estudiante y Jerson para mi renovacion. Muy agradecido :)

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