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Visa 482 (TSS) – Temporary Work Visa under Labor Sponsorship

This visa is designed to allow Australian companies to hire skilled foreign workers in in-demand trades (Trades on The List) on a full-time basis if such companies were unable to find an Australian for that job.

VISA 482 – TSS  |  Visa Patrocinio Temporal de Trabajo con Patrocinador.

⚠️  IMPORTANT: The information that we will present to you now IS OF A GENERAL CHARACTER and is based on the list of trades in demand as of the date of publication. Federal and state governments frequently review the trades that their respective economies need and based on this they introduce, change, and remove trades from their lists. This can happen at ANY time and without prior announcement.

What is the 482 TSS Visa?

This visa is designed to allow Australian companies to hire skilled foreign workers in in-demand trades (Trades on The List) on a full-time basis if such companies were unable to find an Australian for that job.



Academic training

The applicant must have the relevant qualifications for the trade. In SOME cases, the lack of relevant titles can be replaced with a lot of experience.

Previous work experience

Applicant must have at least 2 years of full-time (post-degree) experience in similar jobs before submitting the application. Applicant cannot apply without experience.

The job offer MUST be in a job from The List

Trades like cleaner, supervisor, common laborer, caulker, barista (the one who makes coffee), waiter, Uber driver, and accounting clerk are NOT in it.

Sponsorship must make sense

It should be logical for the company to hire this trade. Example: a pharmacy cannot sponsor a mechanic. Also fast food or limited service stores cannot sponsor chefs.

To apply for this visa, you must follow these 3 steps:

The 3 Steps of the Process

Step 1: The Company Requests Approval as a Sponsor

Government fee: $ 420. The company MUST pay this amount. The business shows its finances, operations and its physical presence in Australia.

Step 2: The Company Nominates a Job from the List

Government fee: $ 330 + ($ 1,200 or $ 1,800 per year). The company MUST pay for this. The company displays information about the job being offered, salary, organizational structure, and explains why it makes sense to hire the applicant in that position.

For applicants from Chile, Mexico, China and some other countries, the company does not have to advertise the job for 28 days before submitting the nomination.

For applicants from Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Spain, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, India and others, the company MUST advertise the job online for 28 days BEFORE submitting the nomination.

Step 3: Applicant Submits Visa Application

Government fee: From $ 1,300 to $ 2,650 (per person and depending on the trade). The applicant shows relevant qualifications and 2 years of prior experience in similar jobs (from anywhere in the world) PRIOR to application

The required English score is PTE 36 or general IELTS 5 in the last 3 years. If the applicant is accompanied by her family, he must show evidence of relationship and purchase health insurance for all.

How long does the process take?

PRE-APPLICATION: Around 2 to 4 weeks for the collection of documents. If job postings are necessary, this stage may take longer.
POST-APPLICATION: 1 – 5 months of waiting for an immigration response.

What Happens If You Get Fired?

You will have 60 days to find a new sponsor to take over your sponsorship. If you cannot find it, you would violate the conditions of your visa and run the risk of cancellation.

What is the Minimum Salary?

It’s usually $ 53,900 + super. SOME trades have a higher minimum wage. Example: for marketing specialist it is $ 65,000 + super, for hiring consultant it is $ 80,000 + super and for company director it is $ 180,000 + super.
carlos vergel
carlos vergel
Gracias a Gamba logre obtener mi skill assessment en Maintenance Planner
Cristabel G
Cristabel G
We recommend Gamba Migration 100%. After many, many migration consultations with other agents who assured us our case was too complex and impossible for a skilled visa, I found Jorge's videos on Youtube, and we had a consultation with Jorge. Jorge listened to our personal case, he advised us, and took on our application knowing we were not presenting a standard application, but willing to learn from the experience and obtain a successful outcome. Jorge received our calls on more than one occasion, he met us in person for over 2 hours, and assigned Juana and Andrea as our case officers (who were always very thorough with our documentation ensuring not a detail was missing). Thank you Gamba Migration for making our pathway in Australia possible!! We are grateful for your fantastic work and for being an outstanding agency that makes a difference.
Cesar Molinatti
Cesar Molinatti
Excelente servicio profesional, asesoría, eficiencia, y asertivo. Logre mi convalidación profesional como ICT Business Analyst gracias a todo el equipo, especialmente Jorge G. y Luisa Becerra. Totalmente recomendado sin duda!!
Jose Cerpa castro
Jose Cerpa castro
Me han ayudado muchísimo en mi proceso de visa de estudiante y skill Assesment. Son personas súper responsables y profesionales.
Melissa Ortiz Tinoco
Melissa Ortiz Tinoco
Gamba Migration has provided me with a professional service, directing and advising me in the best way to achieve my goals in Australia. Dani Aguirre has always been attentive to any requirement in my process, kind, timely and always willing to help in whatever way she can. 🙂
Conocí a Gamba cuando ya había llegado a Australia, así que decidí iniciar mi proceso de extensión con ellos, mi asesora siempre ha sido Daniela junto a Sergio y han sido personas realmente pacientes ante cualquier inquietud que me ha surgido, estoy realmente agradecida y conforme con el trabajo de cada de ellos.
Hernan Sanchez
Hernan Sanchez
Jorge Gamba y equipo de Gamba Migration, quiero agradecerles por su asesoria y acompañamiento oportuno. Jorge Gamba, gracias por ver lo que otros agentes migratorios no pudieron o quisieron ver. Gracias por asumir el reto. Vamos por el siguiente reto.

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